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Huingyu is a typical tombolo made up of two pieces of land, which placed east and west, is usually called East Hill and West Hill. In Guanyin Park on East Hill, there is a vivid four meters tall white marble statue of Guanyin. In 2013, two art installations with the slogans "I Am in Penghu, the Ladder of Happiness" and "Bliss-Nestling to Each Other Tightly" were set for an activity named "Taiwan Summer Solstice 235". These artworks add a new tourist spot for Penghu.

Source of Article: Penghu National Scenic Area Administration

City Penghu County
Contact Information

Tourism Bureau Penghu County Government

Tel: 886-6-9274400

Penghu Visitor Center

Tel: 886-6-9216445、886-6-9216521#250,251


Ship Schedules

To take the ships at the pier at Penghu South Sea Visitor Center (It takes 5-15 minutes to walk from here to the city center of Magong.) you can buy tickets or make a reservation from cruiser companies or through travel agencies. Most of the cruiser companies running in South Sea provide free shuttle service.

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