Aimen Beach

Aimen Beach


Aimen Beach

Aimen Beach is composed of beautiful white sand, fragments of corals and shells, and remains of foraminifera. It is now a major spot for water activities such as jet skiing and banana boating.

Lintou Park

Lintou Park was built in 1953. Casuarinas and various kinda of plants are grown in it. The beautiful flowers and green shade make the park quiet and secluded. At the end of the pathway there are the soldiers' shrine and the first soldiers' national cemetery in Taiwan. Military officers who died in 823 Battle were buried here.

Guoye Sunrise Building

Guoye Village is located in the easternmost of Magong Island. At sunrise, the surface of the sea twinkles with golden sunshine. This makes "Guoye Sunrise" a point of scenic interest. Each year on the day of winter solstice, members of Shi family worship their ancestors in the custom of "soft feast". The customs and the relics of oyster cement kilns add to the village an air of primitive simplicity.

Kuibishan Chiyu Geopark

Each full moon night on the east side of Kuibishan, the lights of fishing boats and the reflection of moonlight twinkle like stars on the surface of the sea. This is one of the well-known eight sights in Penghu-"the Joint Splendor in Kuibi" Whenever the tides ebb, a footpath reveals gradually from the intertidal zone between Kuibishan and Chiyu. Walking on the path, you may somewhat imagine the sight as Moses was wading across the sea.

Qingluo Wetland

National Qingluo Wetland is located in the north of Huxi Township. The seashore wetland has great diversity of landscapes: rock reefs, gravel seashore, sand beaches, mud seashore, etc. Different styles of wetland sights like mangrove forests, tidal pools, sandbanks, and fish farms are an epitome of the variety of wetland Penghu.

Source of Article: Penghu National Scenic Area Administration

City Penghu County
Contact Information

Tourism Bureau Penghu County Government

Tel: 886-6-9274400

Penghu Visitor Center

Tel: 886-6-9216445、886-6-9216521#250,251

Location Penghu County


TransAsia Airways, Uni Air, Mandarin Airlines, and Far Eastern Air Transport provide flights between Taipei and Mangong; Daily Air Corporation provides flights to Wangan and Qimei.

Ship Schedules

There are passenger ships running between Magong and Port of Putai in Jiayi County as well as Port of Kaohsiung.

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