Yuwengdao Lighthouse (Xiyu Lighthouse)

Yuwengdao Lighthouse (Xiyu Lighthouse)



Xiaomenyu is a lava plateau. It has a variety of geological landscapes and is therefore called " the outdoor geology classroom". The most famous scenic spot on the islet is Whale Cave, which looks like a whale showing it's head out of the water. It also looks like a magnificent wave-cut arch.

Neian Beach

Neian Beach owns broad white sand beaches and clear sea water. The wooden plank pathway created along the terrain is most attractive to visitors. Walking along the pathway you can get to Guanyin Hill, whereon you can appreciate the endless beautiful scenery and the distinctive weirs built by fishermen.

Yuwengdao Lighthouse (Xiyu Lighthouse)

Yuwengdao Lighthouse (Xiyu Lighthouse), which was built in 1788, is the earliest lighthouse recorded in Taiwan history. It is eleven meters tall and is equipped with a foghorn, there cast iron fog guns, and three calabash-shaped stone beacons. At the lighthouse, people can overlook the famous spectacle- Xiyu rapid stream.

Xiyu West Fort

Xiyu West Fort is the most well-conserved centenary fort in out country. It was built in the late years of Ming Zheng period. After the negotiation between Oing and France, Liu Mingchuan started to strengthen the defenses of Taiwan. He commanded Wu Hongluo, the commanderin Penghu, to supervise construction of the fort. The fort is between Neian and Waian-a high land where people can overlook the sea. It has outer and inner enclosing walls. Inside the walls, stones were piled up to build altars for batteries. It is definitely a great work.

Xiyu East Fort Military Historic PARK

Xiyu Eat Fort and Xiyu West Fort were built at the same time. In the fort, they used bricks and stones to build arch-shaped ammunition dumps and living quarters for officers and soldiers. It guarded the Magong Port with Jinggui Fort. Now, Xiyu West Fort, Xiyu East Fort, and Dongchang Camp have been transferred from Penghu Defense Command. They are projected as Xiyu East Fort Military Historic Park.

Daguoye Columnar Basalt

During the Japanese occupation, a wharf was planned to be built at the seaside of Daguoye to improve marine communications between Magong Island and Xiyu. While the workers were digging earth and stones away, they found the impressive columnar basalt which had been buried and had been in sound sleep for thousands of years. We can say that it is the most accessible columnar basalt in Magong Island.

Erkan Ancient Residences

Erkan Ancient Residences is the first traditional village conservation area in our county. The residences, which had formed in Daoguang period, is a typical single-surname village. Through the integrated community construction, the charm of traditional ancient architecture is preserved; and new element, such as Common People Living Museum, is added. A variety of traditional local snacks and praise songs are also features of Erkan Ancient Residences.

Source of Article: Penghu National Scenic Area Administration

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TransAsia Airways, Uni Air, Mandarin Airlines, and Far Eastern Air Transport provide flights between Taipei and Mangong; Daily Air Corporation provides flights to Wangan and Qimei.

Ship Schedules

There are passenger ships running between Magong and Port of Putai in Jiayi County as well as Port of Kaohsiung.

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