Taiwan Culinary Exhibition

From just simple food and cooking, the Taiwan Culinary Exhibition has broadened to include kitchenware, culture, and dining atmosphere. Food culture integrates famous cuisine and special locally grown ingredients to create local cuisines with increasing diversity, taking Taiwan cuisine into the international arena. In addition to food that both looks and tastes great, there are also dynamic competitions of the cooking art, in which famous chefs from countries around the world are attracted to participate, making the Taiwan Culinary Exhibition a truly international event. To highlight the development of the Exhibition since its inception in 1989, every year different innovative theme plans are made, meant to create a moving atmosphere so that guests might participate and personally experience the magic of unique cuisine. In 2012 the theme plan was: “Eye on the Artistry”—raise cooking skills, forge a Taiwan Michelin; “Watch the Show”—stress equally both sides of the cuisine spectrum, let people taste the best of street snacks as well as creative cuisine. In 2013 there will be a change to a format patterned after the previous Taipei World Trade Center exhibitions that will combine fine dining with touring. We will work with hotel and restaurant owners and, based on different themes, will plan out a number of different “cuisine itineraries” so that people can tour the city and at the same time sample fine cuisine, enjoying two different atmospheres! “2014 Wheel of Food- Travel in Taiwan” held by Tourism Bureau will take place from July 1 to October 31 this year. Different from previous food fairs held in the certain place and at the certain time, this year, the activity broadly invites food industries across Taiwan to expand venues throughout the country, and aims to attract domestic and foreign guests to visit every place in Taiwan through local and special food, integrate food resources and peripheral attractions around the country, plan incentives, food brochures, and online activities, promote the business opportunity of food tourism, create local economic output, hoping to make nationals recognize delicacies and beautiful scenes in Taiwan as well as attract foreigners to experience them in Taiwan. -Time for Celebration / Taiwan Tourism Events Sponsor:Tourism Bureau, MOTCWebsite:Date:2016-08-04 ~ 2016-08-08

Period 2016/08/04 - 2016/08/08
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