Eight Neat Kungfu Teams Drive Taiwan’s Battle Array Art to Top

Eight Neat Kungfu Teams Drive Taiwan’s Battle Array Art to Top The Champion with One Million Prize – Tainan University Won the Tournament The Folklore of Battle Array Flourished Songjiang Battle Array bade us farewell See you next year in Neimen    (News from Kaohsiung) Sublimating and upgrading, a new landmark of battle array folklore had been laid in Taiwan. After the red-hot preliminary and semi-final of the National Senior High School, Vocational Senior High School, Colleges, and Universities, the Songjiang Battle Array Contest ended perfectly. On April 4, the winners’ list was released, with Tainan University Team winning the Championship with a 3rd Generation Seal and one million in prize money. The 2nd Winner-up, 3rd Winner-up, and 4th Winner-up were Lung Hwa University of Science and Technology and Chung Hwa School of Arts, and University of Taipei. Hsu Li-ming, Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung thanked everyone for the support and the young’s participation. With their enthusiasm and feedback, it made the continuation and innovation of battle array possible. He also encouraged the participants to apply the battle array spirit in life and to practice kungfu in everyday life. It is what “Kaohsiung Neimen Songjiang Battle Array” teach us.   Attracting attention from various sectors, it was the “Third Generation Seal” in the National Innovative Battle Array Contest. With new teams and new winners, eight arrays could manage to enter the final after a series of races. Half of the participants were returning athletes, and the other half, new comers. They all tried their best to present the best. With exciting and interesting contests, all the viewers were attracted by their performances, which earned loud applauses. With innovative ideas and interesting choreography, their battle arrays led this unique folklore in Taiwan into a new horizon.    At the award ceremony, nearly 1000 students and participants signed the battle array flag to present their determination to continue the legacy of the folklore and history. It moved all the audiences there. Hsu Li-ming, Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung expressed that it was a historical moment today. It was not only the tournament with the highest amount of prize money – one million NT dollars but the laying of a new landmark for the folk art. Innovation was injected to continue the legacy. Kaohsiung Neimen Songjiang Battle Array appreciated young participants in the contest every year. We are proud of their participation and contribution. Hsu Li-ming expressed that the best battle was not to win or lose but to compete with all our effort with lofty goals. In the contest of life, there will be no destination. He encouraged all the participants to apply such spirit in everyday life. Learn to practice kungfu in daily life context. It is what “Kaohsiung Neimen Songjiang Battle Array” teach us.  

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