Songjiang Practice Hard – Kungfu Workout Contest—First in Taiwan

Songjiang Practice Hard – Kungfu Workout Contest—First in Taiwan Innovating old battle array to bring more sparkles during the Sightseeing Festival with the people’s contest     (News from Kaohsiung) This year, Kaohsiung City Government introduced “Songjiang Practice Hard – Kungfu Workout.” Integrating the stance and spirit of Songjiang Battle array with a workout routine, it was transformed into aerobics for all. Today (5), the first kungfu contest for all was held in NanhaiZhizhu Temple, Neimen. Each team had its own special features. Blending creativity and crafty choreography, they injected much vitality into Songjiang battle array. At last, the “Cute Generation” led by Pan Hong-ren, the Champion of Season 2 of Super Idol Imitation, won the first place and NT$600,000.   Originally, Songjiang Battle Array was an activity held in the rural villages and local communities during the recess of farming. Both the arrays and weapons were objects found or used in daily life. Promoted by Kaohsiung City Government, “Songjiang Practice Hard – Kungfu Workout” it is integrated with the popular workout routines to continue the attitude and spirit of working out any time and any place. Simplifying the moves and stances of Songjiang Battle Array, it becomes workout routines approachable to all the people. More importantly, it allows Songjiang Battle Array culture to walk into everyday life.   Liang Ya-chi, the Secretary General of Tourism Bureau Kaohsiung expressed that Songjiang Battle Array presents strong team spirits, uniting all races. Every year, new participants join the Songjiang Battle Array contest. Participated by young people, it allows the traditional martial art genre to continue and prosper. In this year, new stances and moves have been added to Songjiang Battle Array with the hope of attracting more people to practice it. Adding more innovative elements to this traditional kungfu style, it not only rejuvenates the legacy of this folklore but also promotes it to every corner in Taiwan. The Champion of The First Kungfu Workout contest –“The Cute Generation” was led by Pan Hong-ren, the Champion of Season 2 of Super Idol Imitation, and his father. Blending street dance with Songjiang Battle Array moves and stances and weapon styles, their performance was exciting. Moreover, the smile and dance steps of Hong-ren attracted loud applauses of the audiences. As to other teams in this contest, most of them were students that had solid foundation in Songjiang style. It made their choreography and dances even more fascinating. In addition, there were a women’s team, a dancers’ team, and more. Both their costumes and props were neatly designed, integrating the moves and spirit of Songjiang Battle Array, displaying new aesthetics of battle array.

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