Penghu Great Bridge

Penghu Great Bridge


Zhongtun Windmill Power Park

Zhongtun Windmill Power Plant began to operate in 2001. It is the third generation of wind power generator in Penghu. Now this area has been programmed as a windmill power park. The azure sky, blue sea, green shade, and garden paths plus the giant white windmills make it a famous spot of interest as well as a new landmark in Baisha Township.

Penghu Aquarium

Penghu Aquarium is the first aquarium in our county. It is divided up into three exhibition zones whose themes are as follows: seashore, coral reefs, and the ocean. In the 14-meter-long transparent underwater tunnel, you can see Moonish idols and Spanish mackerels swimming leisurely as if you are watching them in the ocean. In touch areas, you can touch the starfishes in a short distance. Everywhere there is surprise in the aquarium.

Tongliang Great Banyan

A legend says that a shipwreck happened in Qing Dynasty, and nobody but a sapling of banyan survived. It floated to the seashore of Tongliang and was picked up by a villager, who grew it in front of Baoan Temple. 300 years later, the old banyan has been considered as a sacred tree with the largest shade in Penghu. It has nearly one hundred aerial roots and it's shade can cover the open ground in front of the temple. People can rest and cool off under the shade.

Penghu Great Bridge

In 1970, Penghu Great Bridge was built to connect Baishayu and Xiyu. It is the first deep ocean bridge in East Asia. The old piers remain on the northwest side of the bridge. In summer, the piers become the nests of black-naped terns. They roost and brood over the piers. On the great bridge, you can always see various natural scenes, such as terns which are catching fish.

Source of Article: Penghu National Scenic Area Administration

City Penghu County
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Location Penghu County


TransAsia Airways, Uni Air, Mandarin Airlines, and Far Eastern Air Transport provide flights between Taipei and Mangong; Daily Air Corporation provides flights to Wangan and Qimei.

Ship Schedules

There are passenger ships running between Magong and Port of Putai in Jiayi County as well as Port of Kaohsiung.

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