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Tongpanyu1 Tongpanyu

The whole island of Tongpanyu is surrounded by columnar basalt.

City Name: Penghu County

Chang-Bin Industrial District1 Distinct Industries Inter-esting Tourism Spots

The Chang-Bin Industrial District close to Lugang,with it's flat land and convenient transportation facility, has projects.In recent years,different industry combined with tourism industry have created a distinctive tourism business and provided unusual travel experiences.

City Name: Changhua County

pear feast1 Wonderland for pear feast - A happy trip at high altitude.

Located in Heping District, Taichung City with approximately 31,300 hectares, Lishan Scenic Area sits in the middle of the Central Cross-Island Highway and is a hub connecting the east and west in central Taiwan.

City Name: Taichung City

Blackfaced1 Tainan -- Black-faced Spoonbill Ecology

The Exhibition Hall gives introduction to the ecology of the Tseng Wen River estuary, for example, mangroves, fiddler crabs and waterfowls, presents film on schedule featuring Black-faced Spoonbill.

City Name: Tainan City

Elaborate Artistic Dreams1 Elaborate Artistic Dreams

Freedom is the dream and passion is the life.Young people elaborate their artistic dreams. Their energy is like the waves.

City Name: Taitung County

Gourmet and Recreation1 Pingtung -- Gourmet and Recreation

Passing through lanes and alleys with the curiosity of treasure hunters. One will always find a surprise,Wherever food aroma wafts. A variety of dishes are available in the store, such as duck, chicken pork, and beef, plus all kinds of side dishes. There are so many options to choose that one may want to enjoy them all at one time.

City Name: Pingtung County

Shoufeng Township1 Shoufeng Township -- A lush place where lakes and rivers meet

Between two mountains with jade water, Embellish the earth with waters rendezvous, A lush atmosphere surrounds.

City Name: Hualien County

Xitou and Shanlinxi1 Xitou and Shanlinxi

Zhushan and Lugu are called the homes of both Taiwan tea and bamboo where the beautiful scenery of vast bamboo forests and ubiquitous tea farms can be seen. Time-honored tea art and bamboo cultures induced the mellow taste of Dongding tea and the authentic bamboo shoots and tea cuisine. Naughty goblins lurk in peaceful Xitou. National beauty and heavenly fragrant peonies bloom in Shanlinxi. Moreover, there is lucky cash money from the Earth God to bless you with good luck!

City Name: Nantou County

Discover Beauty of Flowers1 Discover Beauty of Flowers,Singang temple tour-"your wihsh is granted"

Cherry blossoms in Alishan are worth visiting, however, the Chinese Wisteria from Ruili grasp even more attention. If you like to visit temples, Singang Fengtian Temple is a great place to explore.

City Name: Chiayi County

Beautiful Sceneries1 Beautiful Sceneries

Here, you can see butterflies, rives, and mountains, and feel at peace as you are surrounded by nature's energy.

City Name: New Taipei City

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